WCTV-TV: Organization Ranks Florida 3rd in Nation in Medicare Waste

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
March 31, 2015

Washington, D.C. – According to the Council for Medicare Integrity (CMI), Florida ranked third in the nation in overbilled Medicare waste.

California tops the list with $517 million in overpayments from Medicare, improperly billing $150 million more than in FY2012. In additional year-over-year comparisons, Missouri moved up four slots from no. 8 in 2012 to no. 4 in 2013, with an increase in $85 million in improper payments; North Carolina came in at no. 7, compared to its previous no. 10 rank with an increase in improper payments of $82 million; and both Michigan and Ohio moved in to the top 10 rankings, with improper payment increases of $79 million and $69 million, respectively.

Full ranking according the Council for Medicare Integrity:

State Overpayments
1. California $517M
2. New York $309M
3. Florida $239M
4. Missouri $170M
5. Pennsylvania $153M
6. Texas $152M
7. North Carolina $147M
8. Illinois $114M
9. Michigan $108M
10. Ohio $105M

The Medicare Fee-For-Service program provides healthcare coverage for more than 50 million Americans across the nation. CMI estimates the program is currently slated to be insolvent in the next 15 years due to rampant waste, fraud and abuse within the Medicare system.

“The rate of improper Medicare payments continues to climb year over year, causing the Medicare Trust Fund to hemorrhage resources,” said Kristin Walter, spokesperson for CMI. “In FY2014, providers overbilled Medicare by $60 billion[i], while asking the CMS to reduce the amount of Medicare oversight. It is clear that oversight is more necessary than ever to ensure that Medicare is still around for the generations that will rely on it in the future.”


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