POLITICO Pulse: Medicare Fraud Proposal Takes Lumps From Defenders of Contractors


POLITICO Pulse exposes the special interests driving RAC reform efforts in the House.


It didn’t take long for the bipartisan harmony presented by the sponsors of the Medicare Audit Improvement Act to devolve into a mud fight. Primary sponsors, Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), presented the bill as an effort to ease the administrative burden on small hospitals by restricting Medicare fraud contractors’ ability to make onerous document requests. But a chorus of critics has chimed in to tell PULSE it was a ploy. “Efforts in the House to change the Recovery Audit Contractor program in Medicare is a cynical [American Hospital Association]-driven attempt to gut the program,” a Senate health aide said in an email. The American Coalition for Healthcare Claims Integrity added, “[W]e are discouraged that once again efforts are afoot in Congress that would seek to take the teeth out of recovery programs.”

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