NBC NEWS: NYC Cardiologist Admits Faking Diagnoses to Collect Medicare Money


A New York City Cardiologist admits he intentionally misdiagnosed up to 80 percent of his patients to collect fraudulent Medicare funds.


“Dr. Jose Katz, 68, pleaded guilty to falsifying charts diagnosing patients with angina and other heart ailments so he could prescribe extra tests and treatments when hundreds of patients did not need them.

Prosecutors said it was the largest fraud ever executed by a single doctor in New York or New Jersey.

“After years of prominence in his field, Jose Katz will now be remembered for his record-setting fraud,” said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.

In court Wednesday he agreed his actions could have caused “serious bodily harm” to his patients. He and his lawyer disagreed when prosecutors said some patients were at risk of death due to his actions.

In all, Katz admitted his scheme took in over $19 million.”

Watch the full story here.


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