Medicare Trustees Report Highlights Ongoing Importance of Integrity Programs


July 28, 2014

Medicare Trustees Report Highlights Ongoing
Importance of Integrity Programs

Trustees say Medicare solvency extended to 2030, urge lawmakers and administrators to address program’s lingering financial challenges

Washington, D.C. – The American Coalition for Healthcare Claims Integrity today released the following statement regarding the 2014 Medicare Trustees Report. According to the report, Medicare’s current funding will allow the program to be fully operational until 2030, a four-year increase since last year’s report.

“Our coalition is encouraged by today’s report,” said Becky Reeves, coalition spokesperson. “For years, Medicare has been challenged by rampant program growth, shifting healthcare policies and widespread waste. Through a mix of increased Medicare oversight and improved program management, we are now moving the needle on these issues. Ultimately, the results of this report reflect both the importance and effectiveness of integrity efforts in controlling spending and boosting Medicare’s solvency.”

“Our coalition supports the trustees’ recommendation to continue developing new solutions to address Medicare’s financial challenges. Despite its strides, Medicare remains highly vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse. According to the Government Accountability Office, Medicare continues to lose more money to waste than any other federal program. Preserving programs that protect Medicare’s finite resources, including the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program, is critical to maintaining the progress detailed in this report. Since 2009, the RAC program has returned over $8 billion to the Medicare Trust Fund, and over $700 million to providers while reviewing less than 2% of Medicare claims. Furthermore, our coalition urges lawmakers to strengthen the RAC program and other integrity initiatives that help protect taxpayer funds, prolong Medicare’s solvency and ensure long-term access to care for our nation’s seniors.”

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