KSLA: Study ranks Louisiana as 7th state with highest Medicare waste spending

Study ranks Louisiana as 7th state with highest Medicare waste spending

Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 8:29 am EST

Tuesday, January 24th 2017, 9:05 am EST

By Liz Koh, Reporter

Source: WAFB


The Council for Medicare Integrity recently did a study on states who have the highest Medicare waste spending.

Louisiana ranks as the No. 7 state with the highest Medicare waste spending per beneficiary. Washington, DC came in first place.

The study is based on Medicare overpayments collected in fiscal year 2015. The analysis reviewed the amount of Medicare overpayments collected from providers by audit contractors and then crossed that number with the number of Medicare beneficiaries in each state.

That’s how they got to the amount of taxpayer dollars wasted per beneficiary in each state.

In Louisiana, the Medicare waste spending per beneficiary is $15.41. In DC, it is $30.90.

“Medicare overpayments are generally made when a provider misbills the program for the services they provided to a patient, most often billing to a code that pays out at a higher rate than what’s approved,” The Council For Medicare Integrity explained the study.

Kristin Walker, the spokeswoman for the organization, said Medicare loses more money to improper payments than any other program government wide – more than $43 billion was lost from the program in Fiscal Year 2015 alone.

Though, there is some good news for the Bayou State.

Based on the previous years records, Louisiana dropped from being fifth on the list to now being seventh.

To view the study, click HERE.

To view the broadcast clip, click here.

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